Publication of ‘I Will Find You’ by Tony Drury.

Today sees the publication of ‘I Will Find You’ by Tony Drury. This is the sixth in the series of DCI Sarah Rudd novels. She is now a private operative working for Delamount Security in London. She has an on-off relationship with ex-DCI ‘Mad Max’ Hemmings.

Sarah is delegated by her boss Norman Delamount to investigate a corrupt City banker Graham de Lille Rutherford who she discovers is a paedophile.

Bizarrely, in keeping with her maverick personality, she decides to go to the Middle East to try to rescue an orphan child. The banker, however, has put a contract on her life and an IRA hitman is chasing her.

Can ex-DCI Sarah Rudd rescue Najwa, a Lebanese refugee and will ‘Mad Max’ Hemmings prevent the killer from wiping out his partner?



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