The White House: Holyhead’ by R M Cartmel

Review No 3: Four stars.

Set in a Post Brexit Nation

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 January 2020

Format: Paperback

I first read a title in the Novella Nostalgia Series in 2018.

The series is growing, as more authors have been signed up to write titles in the series, this latest one is based on the classic film ‘Casablanca’. Somewhat wasted on me as I know nothing of classic cinema, though I do enjoy modern cinema, so I have no idea how well the author R.M Cartmel has kept to the original plot. I do think though that ‘The White House, Holyhead’ is another great addition to the series.

What an opportune time to read a story set in a post Brexit nation, which has sunk into complete chaos, I found it to be strangely compelling if not a little scary looking into a possible future scenario for life in the UK! Recommended to fans of this series, novellas, short stories and of course Brexit tensions.

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