Respected Amazon reviewer delivers her opinion on ‘Square Mile Tales’.

The vastly experienced Amazon book reviewer Linda McFall (@lindyloumac) has posted her thoughts on Tony Drury’s autobiography.

‘Fascinating and Informative. Four stars. 5 July 2023:

I have read and always enjoyed this authors fiction writing, also having met him a few years ago I was curious to read his autobiography. Knowing a little of his background I was expecting it to be fascinating and informative.

This personal account of the financial and political turbulence of the last forty plus years was intriguing even with my minimal understanding and interest in such matters. The stories about the many thought provoking characters he has met during the course of his career are told with wit and humour.

I now feel I understand a little more about the world of city banking and politics, plus I thoroughly enjoyed the personal glimpses into his family life. An engaging account written by an interesting man. Worth reading.’