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We are pleased to announce the publication of a book being described by Amazon as ‘phenomenal’.

Fri, 16th February 2024

‘You Must Say “No!”’ is the diary kept by author Tony Drury who lost thirty pounds in sixty-three days over Christmas and New Year. He has created a new diet which is attracting attention.

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City Fiction announces that author Dr Dick (R M Cartmel) died in his sleep at home in Peterborough on Saturday 5 August 2023.

Tue, 8th August 2023

He wrote six books and his final dystopian murder mystery ‘North Sea Rising’ was described by respected Amazon reviewer Candy Denman as ‘thoroughly engaging and full of humour’. He had been working on his professional biography ‘Next Patient Please’ telling of his thirty years as a GP in the NHS.

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City Fiction breaks new ground by signing up with ‘The Bill Podcast’

Tue, 1st August 2023

City Fiction is now a co-sponsor of ‘The Bill Podcast’ and an extensive interview has been launched featuring Natalie Roles who interviews author Tony Drury about his DCI Sarah Rudd police series and his latest book, ‘Square Mile Tales’. Creator and Founder Oliver Crocker has written the following about the audience which ‘The Bill Podcast’ […]

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Respected Amazon reviewer delivers her opinion on ‘Square Mile Tales’.

Fri, 14th July 2023

The vastly experienced Amazon book reviewer Linda McFall (@lindyloumac) has posted her thoughts on Tony Drury’s autobiography. ‘Fascinating and Informative. Four stars. 5 July 2023: I have read and always enjoyed this authors fiction writing, also having met him a few years ago I was curious to read his autobiography. Knowing a little of his […]

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The reader opinions are mounting up for ‘Square Mile Tales’

Mon, 12th June 2023

More four and five-star reviews are being posted on Amazon Books. The following four-star review was posted on 8 June 2023. Name-Dropper Extraordinaire! Over the last few years I’ve read a fair number of Tony Drury’s books and they’re all a good yarn. He certainly knows how to tell a good story. The difference here […]

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‘Square Mile Tales’ grabs several 5 star reviews

Wed, 24th May 2023

Amazon 5 stars: Heavy Duty Name Dropping from someone who know! I know nothing of banking and corporate finance, but I have heard of many of the characters that the writer has met and dealt with over the course of his long career, and it made for fascinating reading. I love a book where I […]

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‘Square Mile Tales’ attracts attention

Wed, 17th May 2023

After two weeks, sales of 100+ copies and downloads have been registered together with two 5* reviews on Amazon. This is one of them: ‘Fascinating stories of Tony’s real life city experiences. The Robert Maxwell involvement always makes good reading.’

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City Fiction is pleased to announce the publishing of ‘Square Mile Tales’.

Mon, 8th May 2023

‘Square Mile Tales’ is the autobiography of author and corporate financier Tony Drury and his forty years working in the City of London.

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R M Cartmel’s ‘North Sea Rising’ gains FOUR star review on Amazon

Mon, 27th March 2023

The story is set in a not-too-distant (one hopes) semi-dystopian future, where a post-Brexit mess has divided the UK into several newly named areas. For those interested, our base is in a very wet Anglia, which has become sodden because of rising sea levels. It is adjacent to New Mercia, where some more of the […]

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Oliver Richbell announces his next story, ‘The Fatal Witness’, is due out in September 2023

Thu, 9th March 2023

Oliver Richbell announces the preparation of his next Amanda Buckingham, barrister, story, ‘The Fatal Witness’, due out in September 2023. This tells of the moment when Amanda Buckingham faces losing her first ever case in court. There is surely no way out for her this time?

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