Some of City Fiction’s authors are getting some great reviews.

Recent reviews of some of City Fiction’s authors Billie-Jean Sandiford and Tony Drury.

Billie Jean Sandiford – ‘Time Of Death’
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Twists and turns make this a very good police procedure novel to read, Laura Hollis seems to be a decent Detective Sergeant but one faced with a disagreeable leader.

Tony Drury – Amazon review No 22.
‘The Man Who Hated’ (Novella Book 4): FOUR stars.

Enjoyable one-sitting read- fast, pacey, dark, funny and violent. A fast one sitting read with a main character a man on a mission.

Milton Grant is a former police officer with a death sentence hanging over him. He has cancer and not very long to live. There’s a few scores to be settled before he goes.

Fat people, mobile phone users, dog owners too entitled to pick up after their dog has a dump, tax avoiders, drunks, distracted motorists, a woman he meets for sex with an annoying laugh, an elderly shopper that holds up the queue at the supermarket – all of them better watch out.

I think all of us have at one time or another become frustrated and impatient at the actions of others. Red mist can descend. Most of us keep it in perspective or locked down. Not Milton Grant.

On the other side of the coin, we have a husband and wife both police officers, both trying very hard not to talk shop at home, both failing with the man who hated getting under their skin.

Milton and the couple inevitably collide at the climax.

Quick, pacey, dark, funny and hand over the mouth shocking. It’s an interesting character study of a man with nothing to lose and an agenda.

Probably not a book that will reside too long in the memory, but I enjoyed it while it lasted and would be interested in re-visiting the author’s work again in the future. I can see the connection to the Michael Douglas film Falling Down, that inspired this.

Tony Drury has written about a dozen novels and novellas, including five in his DCI Sarah Rudd series.