THIS MAN MATTERS: hurry up WES and win the General Election

Amongst the drivel being churned out by increasingly desperate politicians two statements made in recent days have merit. Nigel Farage, in a TV panel show, said “the NHS model is broken.” He has no idea what to do about it, so boo-hoo to power-crazed Nigel.

However, step forward Wes Streeting (Labour: Ilford North) who will be the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, from 5 July 2024. Wes has correctly identified who is the enemy of those who are overweight and/or obese.

It’s Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Wes thinks they should be banned from opening near schools: “I want to achieve a country where people live well for longer.” The incoming Secretary of State for Health dislikes the ultra-processed food industry (spot on Wes).

He has also spoken a great truism. “We have seen KFC taking the mick and dragging councils through the courts so that they can pump fried chicken out by school gates. That doesn’t tell me this is a nation that’s taking obesity seriously.”

Another who doesn’t need to worry about the Courts (because he owns them) Is King Charles who has launched a menu of lamb, beef and venison burgers at his restaurant at Sandringham. The £14.50 burgers are served with coleslaw and chips. His highness says the meats are organic.

Our determined dieter, Scott, is, this week, in a reflective mood and has some advice for those who have a BMI of 25 – 29.9.

Scott’s Diary: 10 June 2024

Another pound down. You know how most times you see, or imagine, a meal that looks absolutely mouth-watering, but when you actually eat it, it rarely lives up to its expectations? It’s because our eyes, or our mind, deceives us. The presentation of food, or our imagination of what it will taste like, creates high expectations but rarely does the actual taste meet these expectations. The crispy fried fish isn’t as crispy as we imagine; the chocolate isn’t as chocolatey as we thought; the burger isn’t as mouth-watering as promised. We are all being deceived but it’s not the advertising, we are being deceived by ourselves. Whatever you think it is going to taste like, it won’t. We all need to say “no” and stop continually kidding ourselves.

There is a rumour circulating that Scott is to be a special adviser to Wes. As I started the whispers perhaps they should be disregarded.