‘You Must Say No!” is creating interest

The Overweight/Obesity Crisis: the People’s fightback begins here!

The Establishment’s faltering attempts to contain the overweight/obesity epidemic was summed up by a GB NEWS commentator who said “sort out the obesity crisis and you’ll solve many of the NHS problems.” Government is paralysed with inertia and chooses not to control the ultra-processed food manufacturers, the NHS spends billions of pounds treating the medical consequences (Type 2 diabetes as one example), medical professionals write dietary books which holistic advisers believe can cause harm (a failed diet can be psychologically damaging), dangerous ‘slimming’ drugs are sold on social media with devastating consequences: the list is endless. BUT, today, the People’s fightback begins. The starting point was the publication of my book ‘You Must Say No!”’ describing my battle to lose thirty pounds in sixty-three days. This was read by a global entrepreneur now living in Milton Keynes: he and I went to same school: King Edwards Five Ways Grammer School in Birmingham, albeit at different times. Please welcome to the campaign against overweight/obesity a courageous man: Scott (69) is 218 pounds (BMI 32.1). He has no health issues connected to his weight but he wants to lose twenty-eight pounds to improve his wellbeing. He has read the book, followed the guidance in the second part, set his menu and conducted a four days test when he said “no”. On Monday, 15 May 2024 he began his regime and is committed to saying “no”. He is keeping a diary (great idea) and every Wednesday, when these Linkedin articles are published, he’ll summarise his progress. So here goes: Scott’s Diary: Monday, 15 May 2024. Today, as I do most Mondays, is start a "diet". Most finish around 12.00noon the same day. However, I read Tony Drury's book, "You Must Say No". I then met with Tony and said, "OK, I Will Say Yes". I will do your "diet" and will keep a diary. As we met on Saturday, I committed to start on the Monday, so on the Saturday I had a Kentucky for lunch. My goal – to lose 2 stones. It's not just I want to; I know I need to. It's simply not healthy carrying that much excess weight. I wonder what it must feel like to be thinner.

Many fast-food addicts will be delighted that one of the largest of the US burger chains, Wendy’s, who left the UK in 2001 citing excessive costs, are back and now have over twenty-five sites across the country. Wow – hamburgers, combos, wraps, frosty drinks and biggie deals.

My revelation that in parts of North West England one in three children aged between 10 – 11, are now obese, brought gasps of concern including from a senior highly respected Conservative MP. Scott is not a customer of Wendy’s but he is leading the People’s fightback
against overweight and obesity.